York City issue another statement with further clarification from the board on John Askey

York City issue another statement with further clarification from the board on John Askey, who was sacked on Wednesday morning.

The 58 year old, was appointed on a short-term deal following the sacking of Steve Watson in November 2021 when the club were in the National League North.

After being named permanent boss in March, he led them to promotion to the National League through the playoffs.

As mentioned in our earlier statement, the club board recognises that some fans will not support or fully understand the termination of John Askey’s contract. As such, the board wishes to clarify some of the reasons why we reached this difficult decision.

On 3rd November, John reached out to directors Alastair Smith and Mike Brown to express his unhappiness in his role at the football club. He went on to explain that he didn’t wish to remain at the club but was not in a position to resign due to his personal circumstances.

Both directors expressed their desire to retain John as manager, find solutions to improve lines of communication and working practices within the club. John indicated that he felt there were no possible solutions or remedies.

Prior to these discussions, the board had invited John to a meeting to discuss budgets and the club’s wider finances, but unfortunately John cancelled the meeting at short notice. We felt that this had been a prime opportunity to improve understanding and build a better working relationship with John with the ultimate aim of improving performance.

Given John’s desire to leave the club and his belief that the situation was irretrievable, after seeking legal advice, the board unanimously agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to part company with John. We believe that presented with such circumstances any business would have reached a similar conclusion.

The board recognise the huge support and love for John amongst supporters following his success last season. We share those emotions which meant that we could not take this decision lightly and made every effort to avoid having to make it. Sometimes things happen behind the scenes of many football clubs that require the board to make difficult decisions.

We hope that this goes some way to help supporters understand our decision and that everyone gets behind the squad this Saturday.



Following a number of discussions between the board and John Askey in recent weeks, York City Football Club has today decided to part company by ending his contract of employment.

Given John’s popularity and his incredible success last season, we understand that many fans may be upset and confused by this decision. However, after taking numerous factors into consideration the board are confident that it is in the best interests of the football club.

Recruitment of a new manager will commence immediately, and we aim to make an appointment by the end of the month. An interim manager will be appointed from within the club’s existing staff, with a further announcement due shortly.

We are eternally grateful to John for his efforts to help us gain promotion last season and wish him the very best of luck in his future career.

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