York City cause backlash after making decision to sack their manager

York City cause quite the backlash from after making a decision to sack their manager John Askey on Wednesday morning.

The club currently sit 12th in the National League at the time of Askey’s departure, with 24 points from 19 games played.

A former Macclesfield Town player and manager, he became the boss at York City in November 2021, in succession to Steve Watson.

Askey took the Minstermen up the National League North table to promotion via the playoffs.


Following a number of discussions between the board and John Askey in recent weeks, York City Football Club has today decided to part company by ending his contract of employment.

Given John’s popularity and his incredible success last season, we understand that many fans may be upset and confused by this decision. However, after taking numerous factors into consideration the board are confident that it is in the best interests of the football club.

Recruitment of a new manager will commence immediately, and we aim to make an appointment by the end of the month. An interim manager will be appointed from within the club’s existing staff, with a further announcement due shortly.

We are eternally grateful to John for his efforts to help us gain promotion last season and wish him the very best of luck in his future career.

Twitter users reacted as York City cause backlash after making a decision to sack their manager…

@Will_Ycfc: Fuck off

@JakeScott7744: #hendersonout

@skilbeck_darren: Disgraceful decision

@PacFish: Best manager we’ve had in years. Terrible decision

@ReeceHope3: #hendersonout

@George_Coultish: Bollocks

@jamesh1604: Get out the club @ycfcchairman

@waynefawcett: Wtf are you doing. Bonkers decision!

@PaulSankey12: So angry about this

@rodders2191: Shocking shocking shocking 🤬🤬🤬

@NelmesMalcolm: Bring back Jason, Unbelievable decision.

@LouieBoyce1: awful decision, baffled after what he’s done with the tools he’s been given.

@alenbardet: This is madness we need to know why.

@xedgebreakerx: @YorkCityFC
Looks like the new chairman is even worse than the last. What a mad decision 🤯

@Stevedunn91Dunn: Absolute http://idiots.RIP YCFC just when club was going in right [email protected] should resign

@SimonMallett1: Shocked by this – how did it happen and why?

@wellingtonboot: Just when you think we’ve stopped being a complete embarrassment.

@Yorktone: you’re wrong, and this feels like a direct and wilful insult to the fanbase. Whomever took this decision must explain, in full, how this decision has been taken in the interests of the club – because it appears to be a ridiculous, selfish and childish exercise of power and ego

@RoryNicholson1: This is disgraceful. The banter era returns

@NelmesMalcolm: Massive protest on Saturday is required!!

@newbold_matty: You having a laugh? Hit some bad form but I’m sure he could turn it around. Thought we’d show a bit of loyalty to him given his popularity with fans and his instant success

@tombarneybarnes: That’s us done, you’ve got rid of the most positive part of the club, clueless

@MPW1981: Bad call this. Very disappointed.

@YfrontFanzine: If the customers (fans) are happy why make a change?

@JM__19__: After all he’s done for the club this is outrageous. The best manager we’ve had in decades, proven at this level and won us a miraculous promotion last season.

@markxviknott: Absolute joke! That’s my season ticket not getting renewed.

@DavidCurrey5: What a joke of a decision. Great way to disrespect all the work Askey did to get us back in this league

@SeanCoffey96: Blood on your hands here.

@pauloplowers: Boost The Budget direct debit will be getting cancelled if you can’t do any better than that statement. Complete transparency on ‘numerous factors’ needs to given. This is backward York. The lack of loyalty is actually quite sickening.

@RobdHay: Get out of our club Glen and take trust with you. Glad I didn’t put in boost the budget knew this would happen. Glen has done nothing but slag askey off behind his back for weeks

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