Why Chelsea’s Kai Havertz clashes with Newcastle United’s Dan Burn


Chelsea’s German midfielder Kai Havertz clashes with Newcastle United players (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

The Pride of London explain why Chelsea forward Kai Havertz keeps clashing with Newcastle United’s Dan Burn after yet another bust up.

The very talented but ultra inconsistent German is one of the most frustrating Blues stars. There is no doubt about that. Twitter is often filled with Havertz hate after another game gets away from him, which this website would never tolerate or condone. Yet, as with a few other high profile CFC athletes, the abuse or unnecessary insults are insights into sections of the fanbase’s feelings.

Criticism, when constructive and respectful, is actually warranted in this case. Like I said previously, Havertz has the complete skill set that others would figuratively kill for. Whether there is an effort/focus issue or a mentality problem, which is more understandable and people are generally more sympathetic over, something clearly isn’t right with the attacker.

Hopefully the 23-year-old – he is still really young and possibly naive – has a great World Cup with the German National Team because those hypothetically raised displays and the honours available would surely inspire anyone. If Havertz returns to the Premier League in the same form and doesn’t improve as the season ends, he may have to look elsewhere.

At least we have seen a bit of fight from the former Bayer Leverkusen man recently, but usually just with competitors out of play as opposed to when it counts. Dan Burn of Newcastle was the latest. Although, Burn and the Blue have history, clashing prior. The Magpie said this of the incidents:

“It was the emotion of the game wasn’t it? Me and Kai had a few run-ins before and it’s just part and parcel of the game. It can get the better of you at the times.

“But when you are in that environment and clinging on in stoppage time and wanting to win the game these things happen”.

Daily Mail

While Chelsea aren’t playing

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