Wayne Rooney surprised at Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments following recent interview

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By Martin Graham | 17th Nov 2022

Rooney is surprised at the interview granted by Cristiano Ronaldo to Piers Morgan. Ronaldo claims that Rooney is jealous of him, but the Man United legend will not comment publicly on the matter.

Ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, Manchester United is in great turmoil. Cristiano Ronaldo has divided the football world and set the cat among the pigeons with his no holds barred interview with Piers Morgan. The Portugal international bared his mind on the state of affairs at Old Trafford.

Commentators, fans and footballers have been commenting about the Cristiano Ronaldo interview, with many criticizing him for it. Some others have come to the defence of the Portugal international and arguably the best player in the world. Ronaldo has had a tough season at Manchester United, and his frustrations were finally out in the controversial interview.

The fallout of the interview is the escalation of friction between Ronaldo and his former teammate Wayne Rooney. The Portugal international took direct shots at Rooney, who is bemused by the attack on his personality. The former England international has been on record for attacking Ronaldo, which the Man United legend took in his stride.

Wayne Rooney is bemused at Ronaldo

The sparks are still flying following the recent interview Cristiano Ronaldo granted to Piers Morgan on TalkTV. One of the takes from the interview is Cristiano Ronaldo’s admission that he was not friends with Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville – two former teammates who have been critical of the five-time Champions League winner.

Reports suggest that Wayne Rooney is bemused at the comments made by Cristiano Ronaldo concerning him. The Manchester United legend has decided to keep mum on the matter. The former United striker will not comment publicly.

Cristiano Ronaldo was vocal in the interview. The Portugal international criticised the current state of the club. He also laid into Manchester United manager Erik Ten hag and two former teammates – Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney.

The report continues that Ronaldo has to accept that he is in the twilight of his career. Rooney thinks that being at a club the size of Manchester United, Ronaldo ought to respect the situation and not expect to play every minute of every game.

The issues with Rooney

Ronaldo is also surprised at Rooney’s comments about him. In the interview with piers Morgan, Ronaldo said he does not know why Rooney criticises him badly. He continued that Rooney is probably jealous because he finished his career, and he (Ronaldo) still plays at a high level.

In the interview, the Portugal international alluded that he looks better than Rooney, but it is hard to listen to the kind of criticism and negativity from him and Neville.

He admitted that people are entitled to their opinion. Ronaldo said they have to listen to his point of view because it is easy to criticise, especially when you don’t know the complete story.

Martin Graham is an MFF sports writer

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