OM: Violent relentlessness against Leonardo Balerdi after elimination in the Cup

Marseille experienced one of the greatest disappointments in its recent history on Wednesday evening when it fell in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France against the modest team of Annecy. The Phocaeans completely missed their subject and there is a player who has been named as the main culprit of this disaster, namely Leonardo Balerdi.

“Faced with Balerdi, there was no Messi in front”

The Argentinian central defender had a nightmarish evening. He was involved in the two goals conceded by his team during regulation time. Then he missed the penalty that sealed the fate of this tussle. A complete failure and which earned him deafening whistles from Marseille supporters.

And Olympian fans weren’t the only ones lashing out at him after the setback. Local journalists did not spare him either. Some even judged him very harshly, insinuating that he did not have the level to play for OM.

An “overrated” player, could we read in particular in Provence. The relentlessness did not stop there: “After being involved in the two Savoyard goals (he is catastrophic on the first), managed not to find the target during the penalty shootout. Almost logical outcome of a lamentable evening during which he watched, looking haggard, his opponents unfold their game. Facing him, however, it was not Lionel Messi, like Sunday, but the so-called Moïse Sahi. The football gods had no mercy for the cataclysmic Argentinian”.

In this chronicle against the former Dortmund, we even used a sarcastic tone by concluding: “If it was necessary again, this monumental quack will also remind the euphoric Marseillais that one should never ignite. Yesterday, OM suffered hara-kiri. And it also rhymes with Balerdi”.

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