Transcript: Erik ten Hag’s press conference | Fulham v Man Utd

Have we seen the best of Manchester United since you took over?
“I think we’ve played some more good games than only tonight [against Aston Villa]. But, we need this consistency; we want to bring this consistency on a high level.” 

Erik, there’s some debate about Harry Maguire’s form and match fitness going to the World Cup. In your opinion, do you think he’s ready? 
“I think that he is ready. I see him every day at training, I see his games. He came back from injury, but he is ready to perform on the highest level.”

From the start of the season to this break, how would you rate what Manchester United have done? Have you got as far as you thought you would? Not as far? Maybe a bit further? Where would you say United are?
“I hoped that we would be here, where we are now. But it would be better to ask me the question after Sunday – Sunday is going to be a really important game. But, if you look at the progress, you can make a reflection on it until today. I think we’ve made progress. I think one of the conclusions you can make is that the front line is a concern. I think we really made progress in the football, pressing, playing out from the back, and also attacking. But the final third, that game we have to improve, but then you have to have numbers available. Also, when we have to cover so many games, you need rotation, otherwise you don’t keep the players fresh and so we need players who are available on the highest level. We need high-level players in that front line.”

Is that new players, or the players that you’ve already got you need to be fit? Or both? 
“Both. But first, look in our squad and I think we are happy. We have talked a lot now about Garnacho. That is the question: can he stay in this development? Can he keep that line, [that] pattern of improving? Then he can contribute. He will be a real contribution to the squad, and we need that.”

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