Top Underdog bets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

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Millions of people are usually excited about the world, considering that it only takes place once every four years. There are lots of gamblers who can’t wait to start betting on the upcoming Qatar 2020 FIFA World Cup.

Like every other competition, there are favourites and underdogs, and when it comes to tournaments, underdogs are famous for pulling surprises you may never expect. With these underdog bets, you’ll find several bookmaker sites with high odds up to 50 to 1.

In this article, we will explore the top underdog bets you should watch for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Let’s get started!

However, before we introduce you to the top underdogs, let’s go over some betting strategies that can help you increase your winning chances.

Betting Strategies for Qatar World Cup 2022

Before we discuss the top underdogs to watch out for in the Qatar World Cup 2022, we think it’ll make sense if we explore some betting strategies with you to help increase your winning chances in the football tournament. Below are some tips to take along in the 2022 World Cup. 

Create a Good Money Management Strategy

This is a crucial step to take before you start betting on the Qatar World Cup 2022. You need to determine how much you want to use to bet. After that, you can create a money management strategy to track how much you spend on sports betting daily, weekly, or monthly. Creating the bankroll strategy is not as important as disciplining yourself to stick to it consistently. 

Early Cashout 

Another strategy for Qatar World Cup that you should have up your sleeve is early cashout. If you regret placing a particular bet or feel the team you picked may not win the match again, opting for an early withdrawal is the best option. Several bookmakers offer this feature, but you should be vigilant, as it’ll only be available for a few minutes. 

Learn about the Game

It’s often difficult to win a bet on a sport you don’t know much about. So it’s vital that you understand the tournament well to improve your winning chances. 

5 Top Underdogs for the Qatar World Cup

While there are many favourites with the highest chances of winning the tournament, there’s no denying some underdogs may pull off incredible surprises. In this section, we’ll explore some of these underdogs and why we think they might do amazingly well. 


Denmark performed exceedingly well during the qualifiers, making it one of the top underdogs for this tournament. The team only lost their last match in the WC qualifiers against Scotland, ending 0:2. Before then, the team had been impressive and convincing, with nine wins out of nine games and a goal difference of 30:1.


Another underdog that will do well in the Qatar World Cup 2022 is Senegal. The team won in Group H of the CAF Confederation World Cup qualifiers. The odds assigned to Senegal are pretty high, and if they strive to snatch the title, that will be a massive payout for players. 

The team has Sadio Mane on its side, who happens to be one of the best wingers in the world. Other incredible players on Senegal’s front line include Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy, Idrissa Gueye, and Abdou Diallo. All these fantastic players will give the underdog a significant edge in the tournament. So gamblers can watch out for this team and also bet on them.  Also, Senegal won the African Cup of Nations, which indicates the quality of the football team.


You should also watch out for Croatia in the Qatar World Cup 2022. The team managed to qualify for the Russia World Cup final, making them another top underdog that can surprise you in the coming World Cup. In the 2022 World Cup group stage, the team will face the likes of Morocco, Belgium, and Canada. 

With popular players like Marcelo, Brozovic, Mateo Kovacic, and Luka Modric on the team’s side, moving on to the Round of 16 should be possible. Modric will lead the team in this tournament, and we hope he can create decisive goals with his passes.


This team won their second and last World Cup tournament in 1950. During the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier, the team managed to pull through, taking third place and gathering 28 points in 18 games. The group includes incredible players like Edinson Cavani, Darwin Nunez, and Federico Valverde, and they will be playing against Portugal, Ghana, and South Korea. 

Even though the team’s squad is very balanced, and the citizens are football lovers, it won’t be enough for the big titles. 


Switzerland is also considered an underdog in the Qatar World Cup 2022, though the team finished first in its qualifying group. The Switzerland squad includes incredible players from the German Bundesliga, such as Gregor Kobel and Manuel Akanji from Borussia Dortmund and Djibril Sow from Eintracht Frankfurt. 

These players are regulars in the Europa League and UEFA Champions League, and we can be sure they bring tonnes of experience to improve the team’s performance.  

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