Tom Huddlestone reveals Marco Silva major influence on coaching career

The midfielder started thinking about a coaching career some time ago but does not feel his style will necessarily fit the same way he plays the game: a cultured long-range passer.

“Probably in my late 20s, I had an interest,” he said. “One of the summers, I did my coaching badges. When I was away from it, it wasn’t something that I necessarily thought about it, but when I was doing the coaching sessions, I loved it.

“Getting my ideas across and seeing them implemented in training sessions is something I looked to do and I thought about doing sort of the second chapter in my career. To be honest, I have enjoyed doing a few media bits as well so, down the line, coaching and media is something I am looking forward to doing.

“Ideally I think, if you see a lot of coaches, a lot of them go away from the style of play they had as well. I think you’ve got to find a balance. There are always going to be three or four different ways of playing and getting the best result, whether that’s based on the personnel you have available to you or your system. I wouldn’t like to pigeon-hole a team I coach or manage down the line into one set style of play. I think it can be very varied.” 

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