An interesting new report has been published on Premier League clubs.

The report actually covers 75 different leagues around the globe but I want focus on the stats involving the English top tier.

The report comes from the CIES Football Observatory and ranks the various Premier League clubs as stable and unstable using the data.

That data looking at the number of different players fielded in domestic league matches over the last five years.

This table below also showing the stats for ten years and for one year (365 days):

Premier League Clubs Stable and Unstable 1 March 2023As you can see, these past five years Newcastle United ranked as the third most stable after Man City and Liverpool.

However, this is where you have to work with the stats BUT also include your other knowledge.

Manchester City and Liverpool have been the two best Premier League clubs these past five years and with successful teams, less need to make wholesale changes.

The position of Newcastle United in third is actually the exception that proves the rule.

The likes of Leicester, Crystal Palace and Tottenham all relatively successful these past five years, certainly compared to most people’s expectations.

The fact that Newcastle United have only used 55 players these last five years though, was very much down to Mike Ashley refusing to allow proper investment in the squad.

Indeed, his final year and two transfer windows as owner, only saw Joe Willock signed.

Instead, Ashley insisted on countless existing players getting new contracts, whether they were goo enough or not, rather than signing the much needed better quality that was essential.

Something that Eddie Howe and the new / current NUFC owners have been having to deal with, amongst other things…

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