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We were absolutely dreadful yesterday, I got waylaid on Friday and didn’t have time do a match preview, sorely tempted to skip the match review, but I won’t.

The Championship

After the years of L1 misery I’ve really enjoyed this season, it’s a while since I’ve felt giddy heading to matches, but to be fair the first few months of this season have been really enjoyable, we’ve obviously lost games, but on the whole we’ve offered something positive in every game, midweek trips to Sheffield, Blackburn, Huddersfield etc eclipse L1 midweek trips to Shrewsbury, Cheltenham, Fleetwood etc 100% – yesterday we were woeful, it was Moyesque. We obviously have the chance to go again on Friday, but if ever there was a day to miss a match and stay in bed, go shopping, walk the dogs, play golf etc….. yesterday was that day?

The Match…..

Should have 100% stayed in bed?

We lost, we deserved to lose, as usual the ref was shite and let them waste time, 4 minutes added on was ridiculous, their double substitution alone took 2 minutes 55 seconds, the goal was offside, we should have had a penalty at the end? But….. we were shite and deserved to lose, (it could have been a lot more than 1-0). To counter balance the refs incompetence, having given a penalty, (it was), for a foul, (it was), how can he not send Bathh off? I’m primed and ready to go with my Danny gets early Bathh headline, thought yesterday was the day.

I thought we looked good for the first 3 or 4 minutes, thereafter we were utter shite and a very average Cardiff thoroughly deserved the win. Really struggling to think of any positives, Patterson performance, not losing by more and winning my yellow cards bet, about as good as it gets.

The Line up…..

I’m happy with Mowbray as our manager, it would be wrong to not question the team selection and how we set up? We are yet to win consecutive games, the schedule is arduous, but it is the same for all teams, I was convinced we’d win yesterday, I thought we’d absolutely smash them….. we never looked like winning. I’m generally pretty positive during games, I can’t remember a 2nd half when I’ve had less expectation of us scoring a goal? 4 minutes stoppage time was a pisstake – but I’d rather we had 4 minutes to not score, than the 8 minutes or so we should have had to not score.

Making changes and positive choices after a poor performance is refreshing, picking players who played well on Wednesday was a positive, but individuals don’t make a team, there is still a need to have a plan and a formation? Evans was poor on Wednesday, but do we need someone in his mould, if he doesn’t play, Matete needs to play? Diallo, Ba and Neil will never be strong enough to boss a midfield in this division? I’ve never managed a football team, but it did seem fairly obvious after 15 minutes or so that we were getting completely overrun in midfield. And that it was only a matter of time til we conceded. Getting to half time level was a huge bonus, sadly we didn’t alter anything. We gave the ball away so much, we were without shape, we were shite, we go again Friday, it’s the only way?

Patterson ⚽️ Getting better every week ✅


I was up in the North East overnight at a gig, so unable to take any travel photos, hapless idiot forgot to take any on his way up from York, reserve hapless idiot is on a photo shoot in Latvia, fuck knows where Danny Slazenger is?

Photographer opportunity- please email [email protected] (no experience/competence necessary)


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