Stan Collymore take note – A stroll down memory lane with Liverpool, Newcastle United and Manchester United

This might be of interest to a certain Stan Collymore and his ilk.

I am normally not bothered when pundits and opposing fans run down Newcastle United, stating that we are not a big club, have not won anything and have no history etc etc.

I put it down to tribalism and as I have no desire to get into a my club is bigger than your club argument, I smile wryly.

However, since the outside noise is now becoming louder and louder, I thought I would get a few facts off my chest. Particularly to those people who do not know their history and do not realise that football existed long before the razzamatazz of the Premier League came along.

A few points on the size and history of our great club, Newcastle United:-

NUFC were the first club to average over 30,000 in 1906.

NUFC were the second club (by one year!) to average over 40,000 in 1920


NUFC were the first club to average over 50,000 in 1947, actually 56,283 when finishing second in the old SECOND DIVISION, only ever beaten once in pre-premier era by Man U, when they won the European Cup and domestic league double.

Returning to the Stan Collymore comments, that people would only be interested if Man U and Liverpool were fighting it out for the title…

If you look back in history, I think there were two defining moments in the history of Man U and Liverpool that put the ‘big two’ on a different footing. Ironically and tragically, in 1958 there was the Munich Air Disaster, which saw an outpouring of grief and love for Man U throughout the whole world. Secondly, in 1959 Liverpool appointed the Legendary Great Bill Shankly as manager, transforming their fortunes.

If you look back at the history of Newcastle United, Man U and Liverpool before these events, it makes interesting reading.

Newcastle United

4 League titles and 6 FA Cups

Manchester United

5 League titles and 2 FA Cups


5 League titles and 0 FA Cups

This was at a time when the FA Cup was viewed as an equal to the league champions.

Regarding attendances for the same period from 1893 (Newcastle’s first appearance in league) until 1958 Munich and 1959 Bill Shankly, they are as follows:

Newcastle had a higher average attendance than Liverpool in 42 of the 56 seasons.

Newcastle had a higher average attendance than Man U in 44 of the 54 seasons.

As I said before, I am not here to say my club is bigger than your club…but in Newcastle United we have a club that although not the most successful in history, has shown in the past and will show in the future, the vast untapped potential that lies in wait, ready to be released.

A potential that I think most do not understand, particularly those from outside the North East.

I believe in the years to come this can be our defining moment, here is to Eddie and the boys creating a whole new history for our beloved club.

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