Southend reveal need for new stadium to clear financial issues as fans try to help staff members

Southend United reveal a need for a new stadium to clear their financial issues as fans try to help the club’s staff members.

The National League club are facing a winding-up petition from HM Revenue & Customs, with the next hearing scheduled for the 18th of January.

Earlier this week, they were given a £40,000 loan by the Shrimpers Trust to pay non-playing staff as the situation behind the scenes at the Essex outfit intensifies.


The support we have received from the Shrimpers Trust, other supporters’ groups and the fans, together with our very good friends at PG Site Services, has been humbling and we are incredibly grateful.

The way out of the financial issues we are currently facing is to move to Fossetts Farm.

Our new training pitches are nearing completion; however, we will not be able to use them until spring, at which point the players can vacate Boots & Laces and work can commence on the new stadium and phase one of the apartment build.

At that stage very significant sums will be released to the Club. That will enable the Club to be funded pending relocation to the new stadium where, once fully operational, the Club will be self-sustaining.

Pending the commencement of the construction works (and the release of funds to the Club), work continues behind the scenes to secure bridging finance to pay off HMRC and to supplement the considerable parent company support, required at this time to compensate for double relegations, whilst we continue to build a squad to compete.

Whilst we currently have cashflow issues, there is a clear line of sight to see us through to the new stadium.

Our loyal staff have been patient and hardworking, we do not take that for granted and we are very grateful to them for their understanding and support.

We are a community Club and the support the fans, supporters’ groups (too many to mention) and our main sponsor have shown us underlines how much we all care about the Club.

Together we are stronger.

Tom Lawrence (Chief Executive Officer)

Southend boss Kevin Maher said he is keeping his focus on the pitch but cannot ignore what is happening off it.

“You can’t ignore it because it’s there,” said Maher earlier this month.

“It’s difficult and it’s difficult in terms of the staff who are brilliant around the club.

“They’re incredible right throughout the departments.

“There’s stuff we have to deal with that’s part and parcel of Southend.

“The work the staff do is second to none.

“When we go out onto the pitch we’re playing for them and there’s togetherness around the club which helps.

“There’s stuff we can’t control and that I can’t control but what we can try and control is what happens on the pitch.

“All credit to the players and staff because that’s been going ever so well.”

Meanwhile, Southend bosses say the 20 acre development north of the new stadium site is making “excellent progress” towards completion with the Fossetts Farm project planning to see 224 properties built off Eastern Avenue, Southend, after plans for a hotel were axed.

The first phase of the scheme has begun, with the new training pitches being installed and ready for use by the winter.

A club spokesman said: “The four new Championship quality training pitches at Fossetts are continuing at pace and on schedule.

“You can be one of the first to get an exclusive look at the club’s future training ground.

“The new facilities will, over time, prove a major ingredient to the club’s future & success and are the first step in the club’s relocation plans.”

Work will begin on the east, west and south stands of the stadium, with construction set to finish in 2024.

The 224 new homes are expected to be built by 2028, according to the plans released by the club.

Twitter users reacted as Southend reveal a need for a new stadium to clear financial issues as fans try to help staff members with their pay…

@ashcollins234: Ron still can’t bring himself to even say thank you. Keep up the good work Tom

@rayleighmartin: I’d rather it came from Tom anyway tbh, nothing RM says anymore is believable.

@tee19810: That’s how you write a statement. Thank you @1tomlawrence

@ConorSammon100: Hate to think where we’d be without @1tomlawrence. One of us 🙏🏻

@JB_Allen: Hats off to you @1tomlawrence, such a hard situation you’re in.

@steveg671: The work that @1tomlawrence and many others do in difficult circumstances, definitely does not go unnoticed

@flynhatersteve: @WrexhamFCFans Wrexham fan here Good Luck with everything. I remember other fans helping us when we were in the 💩💩💩. I have donated to the cause and from what Ive heard quite a few Other Wrexham fans have as well. We Are a Brotherhood of football Fans ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@ShrimpersTalk: Scrooge McDuck silent as ever. Hats off to Tom

@BeanoKev70: It’s great news Tom we just need Martin out of the club now and a new owner with an honest and clear vision for the club

@kevlansdale: What a great response from Tom. There is so much love for our Club and not just from the regular fans. Let’s keep going as from adversity who knows what might be achieved. Thanks to all the dedicated staff who are keeping our Club going. ❤️

@MaxwellWatson79: Well worded statement from Tom. I will ask though; how, exactly will the club be self sustaining? I understand the one off payment from the housing developments. Then what? A function room or two will not fund a club a city the size of Southend deserves.

@KEYSGK1: @1tomlawrence thanks for the statement. Can you give Ron the 🐀 a nudge to do the same the ungrateful swine!!

@BNEShrimper: Fair play to Tom for fronting up. BUT..nothing from Ron Martin at all? A simple thank you would be nice.

@RyanStubbs_: Fair play once again to @1tomlawrence for fronting up and communicating with us fans. I can’t imagine it’s easy being in your position but once again, thank you for everything you’re doing for this club. As for the other credit who continues to hide in his ivory tower, fuck you.

@jemmaaross: I like Tom, but hard to believe that a new stadium fixes everything. RM is a shambles and we will never get anywhere with him as owner

@KetchleyShane: Absolute class from Tom as usual. But still Ron is hiding underneath his rock and not uttered a single word. All of this is his doing the financial problems the back to back relegations. Stop hiding Ron!!!!

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