Skinner: We want to show growth versus Arsenal

It’s been reported that 35,000 tickets have already been sold for Saturday’s game at the Emirates Stadium, which will be played in a teatime slot, and also be broadcast in the UK live on Sky Sports. 

Skinner believes it’s the perfect platform for the fixture and one that the two sides deserve to have.

“It’s built for both teams, and we have to try and maximise that. 

“You’re not going to have the best of this game for all 90 minutes, but in the moments you do, and the moments you create, you have to take those moments. Then when Arsenal create, you have to stop them taking those moments. 

“That’s the exciting part, it will be all of those things: the primetime slot in front of loads of fans, going out to hopefully the nation where we get all the viewers in. For us, that’s where this team belongs and deserves to be, and we have to perform like that.”

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