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“Friday night? Football? Fucking Birmingham? FFS🐶”

One more game

After Saturdays shitshow, we could really do we getting something from the game at Birmingham. I’m more fortunate than most who will be going as I have a 90 minute head start, but travelling anywhere south on a Friday is an absolute ball ache, it’s obviously my choice, but it’s a shite time to go to Birmingham. Last time we left at 0-3 after 55 minutes, and it still took a fucking age to get out of Small Heath, tempted to stay over, get my head down and drive home in daylight⚽️✅

Cutting edge Birmingham Preview one night this week, it’s not a city I know well, but shit loads of decent bands from there…. The Streets, The Beat, OCS etc, so at least the tunes will be decent if the preview isn’t.

Saturday was utter shite, Shirley we can’t be that bad on Friday? It’s a long time since such a depressing 90 minutes, but time is a great healer and by Friday I’ll be as giddy as ever⚽️💥


Full week on the training ground, for years we’ve not had the players – we do now, we just need to set up better than we have the last 2 games, where we’ve been completely overrun in midfield by a poor side for 45 minutes and an average side for 90 minutes. I’m sure TM will have a plan and make the right choices, but Saturday was a real concern…..

  • Passing from the back works if you have the personnel to pass and control, if the outcome of 5 or 6 passes is to then launch it long, what’s the point?
  • Similarly short corners work if you have players to engineer a better angle and deliver a killer cross, if the best outcome from taking a short corner is hopefully delivering a shit cross, what’s the point?
  • I like Pritchard a lot, his pulling rank over Diallo on Saturday to take a free kick that realistically a right footed player had zero chance of scoring from was poor. Players deciding between themselves on key moments is not good game management?
Happy 44th Birthday to that fat bloke, (right), who nearly died and sells t shirts ❤️ Might buy one

We go again Friday…..

We need to get straight into them 100%

A very niche watch?
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Everyone loves Bob Dylan ⚽️✅💥

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