According to a recent report from Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid are keeping an eye on the progress of Bruno Guimaraes at Newcastle.

While he may not have been there long, Bruno Guimaraes is already making quite the impact on Tyneside. He’s been instrumental to the success of the club this season as they continue to push for a top four place – to run alongside their League Cup triumph.

Real, on the other hand, have a thing for plucking world class players from the Premier League. They themselves are still one of the best teams on the planet and one of the biggest clubs, but they’re constantly looking to add to their arsenal.

However, given that Bruno is still just 25 years of age, you’d have to wonder whether or not he’ll entertain such an idea. Sure, going to Real is going to be great for him, but he has many years ahead of him and the Magpies continue to thrive.

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