Ghana Football Association’s Executive Council Member, Toni Aubynn, has highlighted the poor quality of television pictures as a major factor behind the low viewership of the Ghana Premier League.

In an interview with Joy News, Aubynn stated that the unappealing visuals were a source of high complaints among football fans.

Aubynn believes that improving the quality of televised games is a crucial step towards convincing fans to watch local league matches.

He also discussed the need to attract more supporters to the stadia, noting that fans often do not attend games because they feel they already know the outcome.

Fortunately, Aubynn revealed that the league would be transitioning into a league owner-managed system, which he believes will lead to better officiating and security at games.

He emphasized the importance of creating a visually pleasing experience for fans, both in-person and on TV, stating that people are drawn to “nice” things.

“There are a lot of things that have to be done to attract supporters,” he told Joy News in an interview.

“Thankfully, the league will be going into this league owners managed system; the autonomous league system.

“And I believe when we get to that point, officiating will be good. Because sometimes people don’t go to the stadium because they think they know results of games.”

“Security will be good and how the optics on TV look. People watch TV because the Park is nice, the jerseys are nice, even yourself, at your TV station, they hire people who are nice. They won’t hire people who are ugly (I’m sorry). If the thing is nice, people will watch it.”


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