OM: Bakambu sold, Longoria is very expensive


Free party from Olympique de Marseille last September, Cédric Bakambu addressed a violent tackle to Pablo Longoria. The Congolese Olympiakos striker did not want to leave the Bouches-du-Rhône club.

Cedric Bakambu OM

On September 16, Cédric Bakambu left Olympique de Marseille for the Greek team of Olympiakos, just a few months after his arrival in January at La Canebière from BJ Guoan. With 4 goals in 24 games in all competitions, the passage in the Bouches-du-Rhône of the 31-year-old player will not be remembered. Pushed out by Croatian coach Igor Tudor, the former member of Villarreal took advantage of an interview on Youtube, with streamer Zack Nani, to come back to his departure from the Marseille club. The least we can say is that the native of Ivry-sur-Seine is very angry with Marseille President Pablo Longoria. And for good reason, since Cédric Bakambu did not want to leave.

“I wanted to be in the project”

“They wanted money. Except that when Pablo (Longoria) came to pick me up, he talked to me about two and a half years, it’s not for me to leave after six months. So I say: ‘no, I don’t really want to leave, I’m staying.’ In addition, there is the Champions League project. I scored important goals last season. For me it was legitimate that I be in the project, in continuity. I just said that I want to be in the project, let me do my thing, it’s going to be fine for me. Except he didn’t mean it that way. And as the offers fell… It was talking about 6-7 M€. Him, he said to himself: ‘he doesn’t want to leave, we’re going to put pressure on him.’ So they didn’t make me play anymore, they put me on the left. To tell you the truth, in training, I played left-back, right-back, while I am a striker!”

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