The media and others are desperate to destroy Newcastle United, by using the fact that the club is 80 per cent owned by Saudi Arabia PIF.

Last weekend we saw just how distorted the media are these days in the way they treat various parties.

A number of media attacks launched on Newcastle United ahead of the Wembley final due to the Saudi Arabia PIF connection, yet at the same time shameless journalists refusing to at the same time include the fact that Manchester United have been taking millions every season from Saudi Arabia state owned organisations for the past 15 (FIFTEEN!) years and counting.

To make it even more embarrassing for certain journalists looking to only single out Newcastle United and ignore all others, individuals who work for the DMGT (Daily Mail and General Trust) media group, they (journalists working for the likes of The Mail and i-news) actually work for a company (DMGT) which has massive joint business interests with Saudi Arabia and other states, that helps generate the wealth that pays the wages of these journalists. Although funnily enough these journalists always ‘forget’ to mention this in their attacks on Newcastle United fans and their club, when using the Saudi Arabia PIF link.

Now we have another major instance of the media humiliating themselves.

The Guardian just one of many running this story…

The Guardian report – 2 March 2023:

Premier League clubs angry over Newcastle ownership twist in US court documents

Court submissions raise questions over Saudi state’s role

Clubs in no mood to let matter lie as Amnesty calls for action

Premier League clubs have reacted with anger to the description in a US court document of the Newcastle chairman, Yasir al-Rumayyan, as “a sitting minister of the Saudi government”. The development has prompted calls from Amnesty for the league to re-examine the assurances given by Newcastle’s owners that the Saudi state would not have control of the club.

The Guardian understands that the clubs dismayed by the situation are in no mood to let the matter lie. The document filed this week has raised fresh questions about the level of separation between the Saudi state and the Public Investment Fund (PIF), whose governor is Rumayyan.

A brief filed in a court case involving the PGA Tour and LIV Golf describes the PIF as “a sovereign instrumentality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and Rumayyan as “a sitting minister of the Saudi government”.

Not sure which journalist first ran this story, after picking up on the line of Newcastle United Chairman and Saudi Arabia PIF Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan being “a sitting minister of the Saudi government”….but one thing I do know for sure, is that whoever ran the story first, the rest just blindly follow and repeat exactly the same story, just changing the words around a bit, cut and paste stuff and add it as well from previous anti-Newcastle United stories regarding the Saudi Arabia PIF link.

If any of them had bothered doing any research at all, as in checking out what the real truth is, then they might have discovered one very embarrassing fact that gets in the way of their ‘exclusive’ expose of Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Saudi Arabia PIF and Newcastle United.

There is a very publicly available legal document which lays out how the Saudi Arabia PIF has to operate – you can read that HERE

This is the very relevant page and this is the very very relevant line…

Chapter 4 (Employees) Article 10

‘The (Saudi Arabia PIF) Fund shall have a Governor at the rank of Minister. If the Governor’s position becomes vacant, the Board may assign another person to temporarily carry out his duties.’

So, this ‘revelation’ about Yasir Al-Rumayyan, is anything but a…revelation.

There is absolutely nothing new in this ‘exclusive’ doing the rounds now.

When the Premier League passed the Newcastle United takeover back in October 2021, this was the case, by law the Governor of Saudi Arabia PIF has to hold the rank of minister in Saudi Arabia. This document regarding how the Saudi Arabia PIF legally operates, clearly a document that the Premier League and their legal people would have been well aware of. This ignores of course the fact that it very clearly became apparent in October 2021 that it had actually been issues surrounding alleged TV piracy that had delayed the Newcastle United takeover, rather than separation of state etc.

Nothing has changed, this is not a new thing.

It gets better (even more embarrassing for all the journalists blindly copying this story) all the time.

If they think the fact that legally the Saudi Arabia PIF Governor has to be of the rank of minister in Saudi Arabia, is some huge story.

How about the owner of Manchester City…

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs of the United Arab Emirates!

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