Newcastle United chances of Top 10, Top 6, Top 4, Top 1…Bookies react to stunning 22 points from 24 form

Some very interesting updated Premier League odds for this 2022/23 season where Newcastle United are concerned.

An opening to the season where generally very good performances had brought regular draws rather than the wins they deserved, eventually though those promising displays turning into wins.

So much so that heading into this World Cup break, Eddie Howe’s team picked up 22 points from a possible 24. For the bookies and punters, the victories against Tottenham and Chelsea seemingly rubber stamping the fact that Newcastle are heading in the right direction.

Newcastle United staying in third for this World Cup break and listed below are the general Premier League odds available from the various bookies for this 2022/23 season:

Win the Premier League:

4/9 Man City

9/4 Arsenal

33/1 Newcastle United

40/1 Liverpool

66/1 Man Utd

80/1 Tottenham

300/1 Chelsea

1000/1 Brighton

Man City still favourites Arsenal looking more and more likely to put up some kind of challenge, now five points clear.

All a bit mad to then see Newcastle United now clear third favourite, seen as this time last year, NUFC hadn’t won a single game! Not winning a match until December 2021.

Premier League relegation:

4/7 Forest

4/6 Bournemouth

1/1 Wolves

9/5 Southampton

2/1 Everton

9/2 Leeds

8/1 Fulham

10/1 Leicester

12/1 Brentford

14/1 Villa

14/1 West Ham

20/1 Palace

100/1 Brighton

500/1 Man U

1000/1 Chelsea

1000/1 Tottenham

1000/1 Newcastle United

The current Premier League table on Thursday morning (17 November 2022):

Premier League Table 14 November 2022

When it comes to  the Premier League relegation odds, the likes of Forest and Bournemouth may be favourites but they are making spirited attempts at staying up. Clubs who had started to become established in the Premier League and usually able to rely on two or even three promoted clubs to go straight back down, instead now with serious concerns. Wolves, Southampton, Everton, West Ham and Leeds all with work to do.

Finish top four:

1/200 Man City, 1/40 Arsenal, 4/6 Liverpool, 5/4 Man Utd, 5/4 Tottenham, 11/8 Newcastle United, 7/2 Chelsea, 20/1 Brighton, 150/1 Crystal Palace

Man City and Arsenal looking nailed on for top four, according to bookies and punters. However, they seem to think it increasingly looks like two from five for the other couple of Champions League places, with NUFC very much one of the five!

Finish top six:

1/1000 Man City, 1/200 Arsenal, 1/14 Liverpool, 1/4 Man Utd, 1/4 Tottenham, 1/4 Newcastle United, 1/2 Chelsea,  6/1 Brighton, 25/1 Crystal Palace

Can anybody break up the usual top six?

The bookies / punters very much now see it as seven having to fit into six places, Newcastle currently viewed as ending up top six and Chelsea are now seen as the most likely to miss out, but only very marginally.

Finish top half:

1/100 Newcastle United, 1/100 Chelsea, 1/5 Brighton,  1/1 Palace, 2/1 West Ham, 2/1 Leicester,  2/1 Aston Villa, 4/1 Fulham, 9/2 Brentford, 11/2 Leeds, 11/1 Everton

Newcastle United massive long odds on to finish top half. Astonishing turn around from a year ago.

Finish bottom half:

1/200 Forest, 1/200 Bournemouth, 1/40 Wolves, 1/20 Southampton, 1/14 Everton, 1/8 Leeds, 1/5 Fulham, 4/11 Brentford, 4/11 Leicester, 1/2 Villa, 1/2 West Ham, 5/6 Palace, 5/1 Brighton, 30/1 Man U, 40/1 Chelsea, 50/1 Liverpool, 50/1 Tottenham, 50/1 Newcastle United

The turn around in terms of how outsiders see Newcastle United is quite extraordinary, especially those looking to make money out of the situation, whether bookies or punters.

In only three of the 14 seasons that kicked off under Mike Ashley did NUFC end up top half of the Premier League, Newcastle finished fifth in that one-off 2011/12 season and then scraped tenth twice in 2013/14 and 2017/18. Yet now you can actually get odds of 50/1 for Newcastle to miss out on top half!

Interesting times ahead…

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