Newcastle fans asked ‘World Cup win or Carabao Cup?’ – The results are in after 4,600 votes…

With the World Cup kicking off this weekend and Newcastle’s next competitive match a Carabao Cup clash with Bournemouth next month, I got thinking what Toon fans would prefer.

Watching England lift the World Cup in Qatar or seeing Eddie Howe’s Mags win the Carabao Cup this season?

I put this question to Newcastle supporters on Twitter and, after just over 4,600 votes, the results were pretty emphatic.

As you can see below, 84% of voters preferred Newcastle to win the EFL Cup over England lifting the World Cup in Qatar (16% of votes), suggesting the vast majority would pick club over country every day of the week.

Here’s the final results, along with some interesting responses from Toon fans on Twitter:

What are you picking? 🤔
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs ⚫️⚪️
#NUFC @ToonPolls

Not even close. Give me that Carabao Cup – @thisisnagy

England win world Cup because can see Newcastle winning something better than Carabao Cup – @JamesBish78

I’d rather Newcastle win a corner than England win the World Cup – @AyJay1892

Who voted England? We’ve not won a trophy since the stone age we can’t keep saying we’re a massive club if we don’t start winning a few trophies – @Joesph36029246

Club before country….anytime, anywhere – @Lordford85

Premier League or Champions League and you have a fair argument but World Cup over the Carabao Cup every day of the week for me – @CharlieBennett

I would chalk off 6 winning lottery number to see us lift a trophy! – @Wildin9

England winning the World Cup would be nice but club over country any day of the week – @danielspratt31

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