McLaren unveils a brand new livery for the season finale

McLaren has revealed a new livery that the team will run in the final round of the 2022 season during the Abu Dhabi GP.

The McLaren F1 team has brought yet another special livery for the final race of the 2022 season. The team already run a special theme livery in Singapore and Japan earlier this year.

The team has collaborated with the Lebanese artist Anna Maria Aoun for the special livery. The special livery design is a part of the Driven by Change program. This is an initiative aimed at helping the underrepresented creatives to present their work to the world using Motorsports as a stage.

McLaren last year too collaborated similarly. For the 2021 season finale, the team collaborated with Emirati artist Rabab Tantawy.

Anna Maria Aoun (also known as Anna Tangles) was glad to receive the opportunity:

“As a lifelong F1 fan, I never believed that I would one day have my artwork showcased at a Grand Prix. And it’s all thanks to Driven by Change,”

said Tangles.

“I dedicate my spare time to training and encouraging other artists. Particularly other Middle Eastern female creatives, to embrace their passion and skills. And so it’s a privilege to be a part of a community that supports the same ambition of empowering underrepresented artists in this way.”

Tangles have used her exemplary bold and vibrant linear designs. She has ensured to bring out that dynamic movement while ensuring the natural colors of the McLaren team i.e. papaya orange and blue.

The livery will be the signing-off livery for the MCL36 which will retire after the Abu Dhabi GP.

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