Man Utd players visit Centrepoint with MY Foundation to learn more about homelessness

Humbled by the visit, both players saw the importance of supporting initiatives like the sleepout, in particular the full-back who grew up a stone’s throw away.

“I grew up five, ten minutes away from here,” said Brandon. “They have thousands of people coming in; to even think of those numbers is obviously not great but it’s good to know they have somewhere to go.

“To do the Sleepout, to get a real feel of what people are going through, and to experience that, it will be an experience for people and a realisation of real life. The more people there, the more money we will raise to give to Centrepoint, to help them, so they can take on more young people who are struggling.”

Nathan also expressed the harsh reality for these youngsters and the importance of organisations like Centrepoint: “You have to take a step back and realise that there are people that aren’t as fortunate as you.

“It’s really important for everyone around Manchester to know that there is potential for the people to have nothing, and sadly are on the streets. A charity like Centrepoint is giving them the opportunity to start again and a safe place to sleep is the most important thing.”

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