How Much Blame Should Be On Andrew Berry This Season?

General manager Andrew Berry of the Cleveland Browns watches the game against the New York Jets from the sideline at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 18, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)


The Cleveland Browns have plenty of fans looking to blame people for the team’s 3-6 record.

With finger pointing going all around, some are looking at general manager Andrew Berry.

While Berry isn’t the coach, he’s a key figure behind the hiring, and firing, of people.

As the Browns slowly fade away during 2022, are their failures a result of how Berry is managing the team?

If it is, how much blame should he shoulder for this disastrous 2022 season?


Andrew Berry Shares Responsibility For Some Blunders In Cleveland

With people being on both sides of the Deshaun Watson saga, it’s Andrew Berry who was a part of getting him to Cleveland.

However, his handling of Watson and the laundry list of accusations against him has been a disaster.

While it’s possible Watson can be the franchise quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, it comes at a cost.

But this isn’t the only mistake made by Berry, as he isn’t holding coaching or players accountable this season.

With poor play calling on both sides of the ball, the Browns are failing to use their best players the way they should.

The misuse of Myles Garrett led him to call out the defensive coaching subtly.

However, he’s not the only player being misused, as Nick Chubb isn’t getting more rushing opportunities.

Berry has the power to fire these coaches, or at least hold them accountable.

For these things, he deserves the blame for not correcting these issues.

However, the coaching also deserves the blame for their mistakes.

So while Berry could have fixed things, not everything is his fault in Cleveland.

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