Guenther Steiner ensures Mick Schumacher was treated fair in his time with the team

Guenther Steiner defended his team and himself assuring that Mick Schumacher was not subject to any unfair treatment in the team.

Haas has been a subject of continuous criticism. Many people believe that the American outfit doesn’t treat Mick Schumacher equally. Many accuse the team of not being interested in signing Schumacher for 2023 at all giving no chance to the German to defend his seat.

Mick Schumacher has ultimately lost his seat to Nico Hulkenberg. The German will be replacing his fellow German from 2023 onwards.

Nevertheless, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has defended his teams saying Mick Schumacher was given fair and equal treatment in the team:

“Absolutely, I think we did a good job in that one,”

Steiner said.

“I think as I always said, we treat every every driver fair and we do the best we can. And sometimes it wasn’t good enough from the team. I’m fully standing behind that, you know, it wasn’t [always] him not performing.

“We had issues. We were not good enough and we need to fix that one. But I think we always gave him the best we could and were always fair, there was equality with the drive of last year and this year.

“There was always no issue with that one.”

Schumacher was unaware of his sacking until the previous day

The reason for sacking comes down to two major reasons – experience and costs.

Anyway, Steiner also revealed that it wasn’t until Wednesday that Schumacher knew about the contract. It was earlier rumored that the 23-year-old was informed about his contract not getting renewed back during the Brazilian GP weekend.

“I spoke with him yesterday [Wednesday],”

Steiner revealed.

“He was very grown up, I must admit, and we thank him for what he did.

“You know, it wasn’t always rosy here but he took it as a grown up as I said. It’s always emotional and it’s never nice to do this but I just wanted to speak with him about it.”

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