Dreams FC general manager Ameenu Shardow says Division Two clubs in Ghana have more fans attending their matches than Ghana Premier League teams.

He attributes this to the attachment of fans to their local clubs. Shardow’s comments come amidst a decline in fan attendance at some high-profile league centers.

According to Shardow, clubs interacting with their fans is vital in increasing fan attendance.

He urged Premier League clubs to follow the example of Division Two clubs and get closer to their fans. Shardow made these statements during an interview with Asempa FM.

“Asekem, FA Cup, when you go into the community, you see the fan attachment to the teams. People support Division Two clubs even more than Premier League clubs. The teams are in the community and they feel part of it.

“We can replicate it at the highest level. We need to bring the fans close to the club and open the club up to them.”


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