The complex rating system for French referees will change, according to a report from L’Equipe. When VAR overturned one of their decisions, French referees used to receive a lower grade, on the basis they were wrong in the first place. But this won’t be the case anymore, according to Eric Borghini, the president of the Federal Commission on Refereeing. Borghini adds that the referees are mainly evaluated and rated on their technical performances by former referees acting as field observers.

Other criteria are considered for rating referees, such as communication with the assistant referees, as well as physical performance. Borghini has revealed that two assistant referees in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have recently failed their fitness tests and were thus banned from officiating. More importantly, Borghini wants to get rid of the penalty system for referees when VAR overturn their decisions. “As long as the laws of the game allow for VAR review, it’s abnormal for a referee to be penalised”, states Borghini. “It’s not logical because it’s intended by the laws. VAR must be an assistance and the referee must be relieved to take the right decision without it changing his grade.” Borghini wishes to implement these changes for next season.

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