Four of the best quotes from Antony’s interview


Antony hit the headlines last month, as some took exception to a piece of skill he exhibited during a Europa League tie with Sheriff Tiraspol. Despite it not harming the team during a game we went on to win 3-0, it became a topic of discussion for a couple of days in England, but the Brazilian says such expressive play is in his blood and that nothing he does on the football pitch is wasted energy.

“In life, we suffer enough. We worry enough. We cry enough. But in football? With a ball at your feet, you should only feel joy.

“I was born a dribbler. It is part of my roots. It is the gift that took me from the slums to the Theatre of Dreams. I will never change the way I play, because it is not a style, it is me. It is a part of me. A part of our story as Brazilians.

“If you just watch one 10 second clip of me, then you will not understand. Nothing I do is a joke. Everything has a purpose. To go forward with boldness, to strike fear into the opponent, to create space, to make a difference for my team.”

You can read the full piece from Antony here, at the Players’ Tribune.

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