FIFA World Cup 2022: Will there be alcohol at Qatar WC?

FIFA and the Qatar World Cup organisers on Friday banned beer sales around stadiums in a stunning u-turn just two days before kickof of the tournament. 

Alcohol is largely prohibited in the Islamic nation but the organisers sparked anger from fans with their dramatic decision.

Football’s world governing body said beer would not be sold to fans around any of the eight World Cup stadiums following discussions with the hosts.

Official sponsor Budweiser posted a message on Twitter saying, “Well, this is awkward” before the post was deleted.

Will alcohol be sold at Qatar World Cup?

Yes, alcohol will be sold in Qatar during the duration of the World Cup but will not be sold in stadium perimeters. However, fans can get access to beer inside stadiums if they have hospitality passes. The hospitality passes range from $950 to $3050 at the early stages of the tournament.

Where will alcohol be sold at Qatar World Cup?

In a statement, FIFA stated that alcoholic beverages will be sold at FIFA fan festivals, other fan destinations and licensed venues.

What will be the price of beer at Qatar World Cup?

According to Reuters, half a litre of beer will cost 50 Qatari riyals ($13.73) inside the main fan zone, the 40,000 capacity FIFA Fan Fest in central Doha’s Al Bidda Park. There could be a limit of four drinks per order at the counter.

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