You’ve had some really big wins recently: Manchester City, the final against Newcastle, Barcelona… but how big was that win over Liverpool right back at the start of the season when questions were being asked, in terms of giving the group the belief to go on this run?
“It’s in the process. It’s a couple of months back so we are now in a different process, a different period. I don’t look back, I look forward. I look forward to Sunday and I really want to enjoy this.”

When you first took over, you were asked about Manchester City and Liverpool’s dominance and you said “eras can end.” With the way you’re now playing, and how Arsenal have done this season, do you think that era of just those two at the top is now over?
“There’s always a pattern, it never goes consistently [upward] in a way, it’s fluid. I’m sure Liverpool has really good management, a really good way of playing, good philosophy, good strategy, I don’t think so [the era is over]. But, once again, we are not talking about other clubs, we are talking about us and I think we are in a good direction and with our philosophy, strategy and culture, we have to keep getting progress. It’s all about that.”

Are the players recognisable to you? Bear in mind the comparison to the players you started with and how they’ve grown over the last few months… 
“We don’t have to compare. It’s about the future, it’s about now. We’re facing a fantastic opponent and we’re looking forward, so it’s all about us to get the right preparation and to be ready for that game.”

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