England starting eleven against Iran – This is who would get in the Newcastle United first team

I am interested to see who makes this England starting eleven on Monday.

Yes, Newcastle United is my first, second, third…priority, but when the tournaments come around, I do take an interest.

I know for some of you, you are keen to say you won’t be watching any of this Qatar World Cup and especially the national side.

Well, I don’t see it that way, there is no conflict in Newcastle United and England, or indeed, whatever national side you might fancy supporting.

Actually, over the years and each successive World Cup and Euros, I have taken more and more interest overall, not just in England but each tournament as a whole. Enjoying many of the matches and taking it for what it is, it isn’t Newcastle United but it is still football and something I can get something out of.

Anyway, I was reading stuff this morning about the likely England starting eleven this morning.

Apparently, the odds on offer from the bookies, make the following, in a 5-3-2 formation, the most likely England starting eleven on Monday against Iran:

Jordan Pickford

Kieran Trippier, John Stones, Harry Maguire, Eric Dier, Luke Shaw

Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham

Harry Kane, Phil Foden, Raheem Sterling

I looked at that most likely England starting eleven against Iran and thought…who would get in the Newcastle United first team?

In terms of Newcastle United first team, I have gone with those players most used recently. So much as England might be missing one or two through injury, coming back to full fitness and form etc, I have also ruled out ASM and Isak for NUFC.

The current Newcastle United, in a 4-3-3 has tended to look like this:

Pope, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn, Bruno, Willock, Longstaff, Joelinton, Almiron, Wilson

So which of that likely England starting eleven would make it into Eddie Howe’s team?

Well, taking a step back, this is my combined Newcastle and England starting eleven…:

Pope, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Shaw, Bruno, Rice, Bellingham, Joelinton, Foden, Kane

If you are interested, here is my reasoning…

I have to admit, Pickford has done ok for England generally, but Nick Pope is simply better. Watching him up close with Newcastle United, have reaffirmed that the stats don’t lie. Despite relegation for Burnley last season, Pope and Burnley had the tenth lowest number of goals conceded in Premier League.

I have looked back these past three and a half years, since the start of the 2019/20 season.

At how many goals Everton have conceded, then how many Burnley conceded 2019-2022 in those three seasons, plus NUFC this season.

I know they didn’t play every single PL match in that time for Everton and Burnley respectively, but the vast majority.

So anyway, Everton conceded 170 goals in three seasons, Burnley 158. This season NUFC have conceded 11 and Everton 17.

Altogether, rough figures these past three and a half years, 187 goals conceded by Pickford in the Premier League and 169 for Pope, an 18 goal advantage whilst mainly playing for a struggling and eventually relegated Burnely.

Moving on, Kieran Trippier in both England and Newcastle teams outlined above.

Sven Botman? Easily the best central defender I have seen this season.

Fabian Schar? Well, if Maguire, Dier and Stones are the best England have to offer, then our Swiss defender is more than good enough to get in ahead of that trio.

Burn has done really well filling in at left-back but I will let Shaw maybe just edge that one.

Bruno? No justification necessary.

No idea exactly how my line up would be arranged on the pitch but quite happy to argue with anybody why Joelinton should be in the combined team ahead of Sterling. Away from the all conquering Man City, Sterling looking a fading force and not nearly as good.

Willock and Longstaff have done really well but Rice and Bellingham are two of England’s best players for me.

Wilson wouldn’t let anybody down but Kane is the best current England striker.

Foden v Almiron?

If we just started the clock on 1 October 2022 then Miggy by a landslide of course.

However, Foden has got star quality and I edge him in, ahead of our Eddie Howe inspired all improved Almiron.

So a quick reminder, this is my combined Newcastle and England starting eleven…:

Pope, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Shaw, Bruno, Rice, Bellingham, Joelinton, Foden, Kane

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