Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum applauds open letter telling Erik ten Hag to “f*** off”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum has applauded a Portuguese journalist for describing Erik ten Hag as a “miserable footnote in history” and telling him to “f*** off”.

Dolores Aveiro’s actions come after her son revealed he doesn’t respect Ten Hag in the interview with Piers Morgan. The 37-year-old criticised Manchester United, as well as Ralf Rangnick, Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville in his assessment.

It’s the first time Dolores has responded to Ronaldo’s interview, with the player’s sisters Katia and Elma defending him in the public. The first quotes from United star’s controversial chat were published on Sunday and it’s been a hot topic since.

Amid reports United are preparing to sack Ronaldo for a breach of contract, Dolores has made her feelings clear. She did this by responding to an open letter from journalist-turned-writer Luis Osorio, which criticised Ten Hag.

“As far as the Dutchman who has managed you in these last few months goes, I just want to laugh,” wrote Osorio. “How can you compare what you are to a miserable footnote in football history!”

Echoing the rude outburst this week from Alberto Joao Jardim – the former president of Madeira where Cristiano hails from, Osorio added: “As Alberto Joao Jardim says, tell him to ‘f*** off’. I know you already have but it’s worth reiterating.”

Dolores has shared Osorio’s post on Instagram with the clapping emoji. Ronaldo’s sister Katia also shared the post and added: “It’s worth reading this and sharing.”

Osorio also went on to describe Ronaldo as someone who “designed his life as you thought it should be, not as others thought was best for you.”

He added: “Some drool for you to fail, others really want to be for the umpteenth time Cristiano Ronaldo. The kid who was not destined to be born, but your mother’s final instinct allowed him to see the world.

“The kid who suffered from his father’s alcoholism, but who made it a weapon to never give up. The kid who was born in a very poor house on the outskirts of Funchal, but who today gives his name to the airport where millionaires arrive every day who have no idea what poverty is.

“The kid who came to live in Lisbon alone at the age of 12, the one who cried because of loneliness and being mocked every time he opened his mouth but today speaks several languages. The kid who became the best in the world.”

Dolores’ show of support was her first since her son’s interview, in which he also said he felt betrayed by the Red Devils. She previously made it clear she would love to see Cristiano return to Sporting Lisbon, of which she is a diehard fan on.

Katia likened Ronaldo’s treatment by Erik ten Hag to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion in one of her outbursts last month.

After the interview, she said the Portuguese forward could “scratch his balls” and cruise on his private jet and yacht for the rest of his life if he wanted to – but had chosen to “be different and courageous as few cowards and show you’re a man”.

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