Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to PSG


This Thursday evening, Piers Morgan broadcast the second part of his big interview with CR7. The Portuguese was asked about his relationship with Lionel Messi but also about his interest in Paris Saint-Germain.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United Chelsea game

Will the Parc des Princes one day welcome Cristiano Ronaldo as its new hero? The hypothesis seems for the moment rather unlikely. If rumors have already raised this possibility in the past, no concrete information has come to confirm the thing. The Portuguese for his part would not really be against an adventure in the French capital.

Asked by Piers Morgan about a possible transfer to PSG, the current Manchester United player did not seem to want to close the door. “Anything is possible in football. Why not? I do not know. Of course they would sell a lot of jerseys”, thus confided the 37-year-old man. It remains to be seen whether the reigning French champion will respond to the message from the native of Madeira. A few days ago, several sources said that the City of Light club was not considering this possibility.

Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Lionel Messi

With a Kylian Mbappé in good shape, a Lionel Messi in full revival and a Neymar back at the top, the Reds and Blues indeed have an already substantial offensive power. Faced with Piers Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo also praised the Argentinian.

“He is incredible. He is a magic player, top. As a person we shared the stage for 16 years, I have a great relationship with him. I’m not friends with him in the sense that a friend is someone who comes to your house, who you talk to on the phone. But he’s like a teammate. He’s a guy I really respect, in the way he’s always talked about me. Our two women respect each other, they are from Argentina and my girlfriend too. What can I say about Messi? Great things, he’s a good guy, he gives everything for football”thus packed the fivefold Ballon d’Or.

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