Could Eddie Howe be the new Stan Seymour?

A hot August day in 1963, saw me taken by my Dad to a sports shop at the corner of Pilgrim Street and Market Street.

I had to get my first ever football boots, as I was going to need them when I started at Rutherford Grammar School in September.

Inside was a sea of Newcastle United photos depicting us lifting the FA Cup many times and a young player was in some of them…and an older version of himself celebrating with his players. That was of course our most successful manager of all time Stan Seymour.

Stan was the only player to win the FA Cup both as a player and a manager for the same club, as a manager he also, amongst other things, gave a trial to a 19 year old pitman from Ashington named Jackie Milburn.

Stan Seymour was a master tactician who produced winning scintillating football and led us to Division One titles as well as overseeing FA Cup victories in 1951 and 1952. Then as sporting director, he picked the team for the 1955 final when overriding manager Doug Livingstone who had dropped Milburn.

We talk of Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby Robson and Rafa Benitez as great managers, which they were, but none of them won the League or FA Cups with Newcastle United.

So as we head towards a new year which marks the 68th – yes 68th anniversary of our last domestic / FA Cup win, we have finally cast off the burden of the Mike Ashley years.

Eddie Howe has returned sumptuous football to St James’ Park, he has transformed a largely unfit team into true athletes, brought in crucial new players and above all, has proved to be a tactitcal genius.

The Magpies are flying high again and at last we have the confidence to put together a winning cup run, as we fear nobody and have the courage and belief to at last bring silverware to our trophy room.

Eddie Howe, as a student of football, must be well aware of Stan’s cup successes and his long history as both player and manager.

I hope this inspires him to victory and then he truly will be the new Stan Seymour!

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