Claude Le Roy, the former coach of the DR Congo, gave a very interesting testimony about the Marseille defender, Chancel Mbemba.

But who is Chancel Mbemba? Today, he is the real boss of OM’s defense. Questions had accompanied his arrival in the Marseille team, in particular those concerning his age, but today this skepticism has disappeared. The Congolese rear has everyone in agreement, by multiplying the convincing performances with the vice-champions of France.

“Mbemba, a reassuring player”

Mbemba blew everyone away. Including those who knew him before he landed in Marseille. This is the case of Claude Le Roy, the former coach of the DR Congo. In an interview at Provence, the experienced technician confessed: “Since he has been in Marseille, he has improved even more, and he surprises me. Everyone was skeptical when he signed; me no. But he has taken another step tactically, in the register of right axial, even right side. His mistakes can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

While praising Mbemba, Le Roy said that the latter has reached his limits and he does not see him progressing even more. “He is a positive player, of great human quality. Reassuring, too, even if it will be difficult for him to go higher. »

Le Roy, who found Mbemba in a club in Kinshasa, believes that the latter is now the barometer of OM. “Like Samuel Gigot, Chancel missed OM enormously against Paris. He could have brought his game intelligence, his technical quality and his ability to lose very few balls, while OM showed unusual technical waste that evening. »

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