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Chelsea do not play football again until after Christmas and to be honest, I am quite relieved with the break.

Chelsea need this break, Graham Potter needs this break, and our injured players need this break for their recovery. January could certainly look a lot less gloomy for us, but going into the World Cup, it’s certainly not very bright right now.

Newcastle saw our third premier league defeat in a row, four defeats in our last five matches, no win in the premier league in six matches, three wins in our last nine matches in all competitions, things are absolutely dire right now.

Chelsea are going to be 8th in the Premier League at Christmas, and whether we are in transition and going through a rebuild in a new project or not, is just unacceptable.

I’m here for the rebuild, I want the rebuild, but we are Chelsea, and we need to also see at the very least, 100% effort every game, and we need to see results. Not excuses, not that ‘on another day we would have scored’, because I’m tired of hearing and saying this.

I’m here supporting and backing Potter; I want to still believe that he is the man and he can be a success at Chelsea. I’m not about to turn on him. But when we get back after the break, we really need to see vast improvements and we really need to start getting results, there are no two ways about it.

I’m prepared to give it time and patience, but we also need to see that line of progression rising and not falling, whether that is a slow rise or not, it just needs to be rising. And right now, it’s falling.

I’ll conclude by saying again that for me, I have made my peace that we are just not good enough, our squad lacks real quality, and the players lack real regular intensity and fight. That is just where we are at. Potter can rightfully be questioned, as I have also done. But our issues are deeper rooted than who the manager is, and it’s going to take some time to sort this mess out.

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