Chelsea fans struggle to cope as Newcastle United power past – Lovely to hear!

Chelsea fans turned up at St James’ Park on Saturday, having watched their team win the last four games against Newcastle United.

Newcastle hadn’t even scored a single goal in those four most recent defeats.

Indeed, the last eight matches Chelsea fans had watched between the two clubs, had brought seven wins for the blues.

The exception was one of those incredibly lucky victories Steve Bruce was blessed with, when despite overwhelming stats in Chelsea’s favour, an Isaac Hayden goal in added time somehow saw Newcastle snatch the most unlikely of victories.

Saturday was no unlikely victory, neither based on the belief of Chelsea fans (and Newcastle fans and neutrals) beforehand, nor on the basis of how this actual match went.

Newcastle United maybe not at the best they have shown at times previously under Eddie Howe (home to Arsenal and Man City, away to Spurs), but more than good enough to beat Chelsea, the visitors managing only one effort on goal that was in any way a potential threat.

Chelsea fans saw their side finish third in the Premier League last season and then the new owners breaking all records when spending over a quarter of a billion on new players in the summer.

Chelsea fans wondering how it has come to this, reflecting after losing to Newcastle United and going into this World Cup break nine points adrift of NUFC…comments via their Shed End fan site:

‘Right now we lose against any team that is considered to be fighting for the top 4 and Newcastle is one of them.

Guimarães is better than all of our midfielders put together, Almiron compared to our attackers looks like Messi.’

‘The Chelsea we all know is dead and gone….’

Newcastle dominated…

‘Well we did a lot better than I thought.

Key couple of minutes though with Pope being allowed to produce a good save from Gallaghers weak shot and they go down the other end and Mendy does not read the shot.

Was not a great hit in my opinion Pope saves that at the other end.’

‘If it’s a weak shot how can it be a good save?

Maybe Gallagher could’ve put his foot through it a bit more but it was still a decent effort nonetheless.

To call Willock’s shot not a great hit is harsh imo. He’s caught it really well with a fair amount of pace and whip. I’ve been critical of Mendy on here but not a great deal he could’ve done for that goal.’

‘Good save because he was watching the play and started to dive for the shot before Gallagher hit it. Good reading of the game. Mendy did not offer that. Maybe he does not save it if he does read it to be fair.’

‘Todd made a number of really foolish decisions and the consequences are clear for all to see.’

‘Running out of words to describe how poor this team has developed in the past few weeks. Had 1 real shot on goal.’

‘Judging by what it’s like when I come on here post match to read the reviews… thank f… I haven’t watched a Chelsea game since September!’

‘I’m afraid we have to support the boys in blue through the ups and downs.

Your choice mate and that’s fair enough. But if we all turned our backs on them we would be playing in an empty stamford bridge and no support away from home.

We need to support them more in the tough times and those of us old uns these times ain’t that tough….’

‘Not even close to tough! Back in the day when we were challenging for relegation to the 3rd division and when only 10,000 of us showed up, that was tough!’

‘When I used to go to games years ago and we lost games to the likes of Scarboro and Oxford and York City, of course I was pi..ed off, but that was what you got used to supporting Chelsea. That we could beat man Utd, or knock Liverpool out of the FA Cup only to get beaten by some lower league team.

But the last 20 years has got supporters out of that kinda mindset. Speaking for myself, I like to think I’m not one of those supporters with a sense of entitlement.’

‘If we’re honest with ourselves, we (football fans) all made a Faustian pact somewhere down the line. There was a time when it wasn’t ONLY about money. And now?

We were in a sense the pioneers. The first petrodollar-backed premier league club. We became the team to beat. There was only one reason why and no prizes for guessing it.

But we then inspired other much bigger players. The UEA said “hold my beer”. Man City happened. soon enough they started winning it all with a few token wins/runs of success from us and Liverpool. They cook the books to get around financial fair play. And if it doesn’t work, they get the most expensive lawyers that money can buy and get to play in all the competitions .

And now? Saudi f…ing Arabia. Just let that sink in. This has taken things to a level that should have always been impossible to imagine let alone to realise. It’s an abomination. If this is allowed to stand, they will be the ones winning everything. But this isnt the UEA. This is Saudi Arabia!! Not only the biggest petrostate but a sick regime that engages in beheading and flogging. If there’s anything positive to have come out of all this, at least we are now firmly on the other side of that fence. If this isn’t stopped, the premier league is going to hell.’

‘We came from afar, we lost but we still enjoyed the day. We’re sh.t, so what? Care free we’re the famous CFC!

Newcastle weren’t that good either, I thought that with all the hype they’d walk all over us. I don’t think they did.

It’s great to see all the Scottish contingent, which accounts for the majority of the supporters here every time I come.’

‘Not sure who to blame here..GP for bringing us down to the old Brighton level of football, or the players who show very little fight and determination let alone the basics of being able to pass a ball or create anything other than a break away for the opposition…or are they are downing tools?’

‘Now Potter has a month to figure out how he’s going to work the team whether it’s fitness, finesse or formation because if he still hasn’t figured what his Chelsea is going to be, he should be sacked.’

‘Top 4 is becoming an impossible mission.’

‘Boehly out. Bring back Roman. That is all.’

‘I really feel for the CFC supporters who went to St James’s to watch THAT.

Absolute garbage. Can’t help feel the glory days are ebbing away.’

‘The World Cup has come at the right time for us as a club, but also us as fans. I actually felt relieved when it finished that I won’t have to watch chelsea again for a month.’

‘Potter just go please.’

‘Glad it’s over.’

‘It’s obvious this season would be a total disaster. the question is if owners decide to persist with Potter next season. the only thing can save Potter’s reputation is winning Champions League, which is unlikely.’

‘Worst midfield in the prem.’

‘Worst attack too – tough call on the worst defence. but it it wasn’t for Silva we’d be getting tanked every game.’

‘The sad reality is we were toothless under Tuchel and we’re still toothless under Potter.’

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