Chelsea fans hoping for Eden Hazard’s return will be disappointed

Belgium’s Eden Hazard pictured during a press conference (Photo by DIRK WAEM/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

If any Chelsea supporters were hoping for Eden Hazard’s return at Stamford Bridge, they will be disappointed. The Pride of London explain.

How can anyone even attempt to summarise Hazard’s play and time at Chelsea? Majestic and prosperous are two words that come to mind. The sublime winger was arguably one of the eminent and most entertaining ever to wear the Blue jersey. The Belgian shall forever be remembered as a king of CFC.

However, his time in Spain with the colossus that is Real Madrid is destined to be remembered for the most polar opposite of circumstances. For whatever reason, Hazard has struggled in La Liga; if we briefly look at statistical output, in 51 division fixtures for his current side, the athlete has produced just four goals and three assists. In only the previous and contemporary campaigns, the wingman featured on a mere 21 occasions and managed only one goal involvement.

Meanwhile, in his very last season with Chels’, Hazard netted 16 and facilitated a stunning 15 times. The discrepancy there is quite astonishing. Injuries and fitness appear to be the source of his problems at los Blancos – clearly the talent was there to succeed.

Regardless of all this, there are parts of the Chelsea fanbase that would welcome a move to reunite them with the now 31-year-old. That sentiment especially applies if the fee would be drastically low as Real apparently consider their asset’s future.

Over the past year or so there have been rumours claiming that the scenario of Hazard returning to the Bridge is a possibility. Yet the man himself was asked that very question in the week and instantly discouraged hearsay.

“Chelsea? I was never close to returning or to leave Real Madrid in general. Chelsea have never called me.

“Why there are always Chelsea links? No idea, honestly.”

PoL’s verdict is that the La Louviere-born man is an icon of the west London club. One who could’ve done little more to be further triumphant whilst in England. An unsuccessful comeback might perhaps diminish that wonderful legacy, along with a reunion feeling unlikely.

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