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Bang up for Friday- can’t wait⚽️ It’s not even been a week, but feels like a fucking age for some reason⚽️ Let’s get into these from the very 1st minute💥

Are Birmingham any good?

It’s anyones guess really, there’s half a dozen good teams, a couple of shit teams – the other 16 teams, (us and Birmingham included), have the potential to be shite, average or good. If we’d won on Saturday, I’d reckon we’d be about on course, ditto with Friday – it would be great to go into the break with 27 points, there’s no reason for us not to win, but we will need to be much better than we have been over the last 2 games, we were terrible Saturday and bizarrely only gained any type of composure after half time at Huddersfield?
There form is average.

Troy Deeney is a proper handful and if ever there was a type of player to score against us, he fits that mould. I’ve no idea who else plays for them, but it’s on TV, so if anyone is that arsed, SKY will know from 7pm Friday night.

The 2nd City

I’m not really familiar with Birmingham, I’ve worked in most of the UK major cities, but never really been to Birmingham. I only watch sport, the chase and 1st dates, but lots of people seem to watch Peaky Blinders, (old fashioned programme about wrong uns in flat caps glorifying crime).

There’s shit loads of decent bands from Birmingham, Ocean Colour Scene, The Beat and SAFCBlog favourite The streets❤️.

Useless, gutless and heartless – even when leaving early it took a fucking age to get home….

Our last trip there was a shocker, fucking freezing and lost 3-1, (dipped out on 55 minutes at 0-3)

Birmingham? That’s not too far, so you won’t be too late?🐶” ……. “Er, just leave a light on for me boys🐶”

SAFCBlog predicts ….. BCFC 2 vs SAFC 2⚽️⚽️

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