Big claims to be reported about FSG’s Liverpool sale

Reports claim that FSG are interested in selling Liverpool in full, the real question is for how much amount are they willing to sell it. Also who will be interested to buy the club is a big question. FSG are said to be in talks with a sports group for weeks. They are also in talks with Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment who have been listed as a ‘genuine suitor‘.

Liverpool’s future after the sale goes through

The Americans will potentially set to look close to home for selling the club. They also have to be fully convinced of the competency of the new bidder. Chris Mann, leading executive of Sportsology thinks that there will be plenty prepared to bid for a big club such as Liverpool.

“I can’t really speak to FSG’s motivations to sell, but what I would say is that for every American owner that wants to exit football club ownership, there’s another 10 queuing up to come in,”

He told ESPN,

“Over the past few years we’ve seen a really significant ramp up in U.S. investment in European football. In 2021, there were 15 investments in clubs in the big five leagues and two-thirds of those were by U.S. investors, either individuals or private equity groups.

“American interest in European football is part of a generational shift in that we’ve moved away from the previous kind of vanity investments by high net-worth individuals towards more hard-headed purchases by people and organisations that are looking for clubs that are going to give them big returns.”

FSG have fundamentally transformed the club’s plans into reality from behind the scenes. Therefore it will take steady hands to take up the club’s reins after the sale. They will need to provide all the monetary needs and proper necessities for the club to continue the club’s legacy.

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