In 1989, 34 years ago (wow) Soul II Soul released a cheerful, feel good, head bobber of a track called Back to Life (Back to Reality).

It is quite poignant, as it is where I find myself today and believe Newcastle United and the Toon Army are as well.

Back to Life – Well for me, my bender drew to a close on Sunday night and I awoke Monday morning still disappointed, but accepting of what has been and gone, so now focusing on what’s ahead for Newcastle United.

After a study of the Premier League table…

Premier League Table 1 March 2023

I am of the opinion that the top three will remain the same three clubs at the end and my personal preference would be Man City to win it.

Fourth place is now a 15 game dog fight between Newcastle United, Spurs, Liverpool, Brighton, Fulham and Brentford. This is fully inclusive of the six teams that have a chance, points-wise, as things stand.

Back to Reality – Goals win matches and I think we need to win 10 of our remaining 15 games if we are to grab 4th place.

That equates to scoring an absolute minimum of 10 goals but realistically 20+.

Miggy, to my annoyance, often gets slated on The Mag’s comments section. Yes, the lad is woefully one-footed, but foolish remarks when we haven’t won, like Miggy’s reverted back to type, are way below the belt.

We are talking this season here, not the future remember, and Miggy is looking highly likely to finish this season’s top scorer for Newcastle United.

If he can notch say another four in the final 15 Premier League matches, then 14 goals from a right winger with no right foot is a very good return in my book and I think he is nailed on to get them.

Now that I’ve got sticking up for wor Miggy off my chest, let’s focus on what is crucial.

For me it’s vital that our two strikers, Wilson and Isak get at least 10 of the required goals between them.

If they can’t, then we are in serious bother where fourth place is concerned.

This then leaves us with more than likely eight or more goals to find from Maxi, Flash, Bruno, Big and little Joe and Longy.

Whilst a Tripps free-kick or a well overdue header from one of our defensive giants, would also help our cause massively.

It really is time goal-wise for these lads to step up.

Can we do it?

Yeah, of course we can. One game a week, an international break to rest some players that need it as well. I only see positives in that.

The only thing I think that must happen to make fourth place possible, alongside the goals I mentioned, is that Bruno must play in at least 90% of the 15 remaining matches, as he is our team’s heartbeat.



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