Arsenal supporter and internet celebrity KSI, along with his business partner Logan Paul, has recently launched their energy drink company, PRIME, in Australia.

Arsenal fans happy with what KSI did at PRIME hydration launch in Australia with Logan Paul
Arsenal fans happy with what KSI did at PRIME hydration launch in Australia with Logan Paul 5

The PRIME hydration drink is also the official beverage sponsor of Arsenal football club.

The launch event in Sydney was a huge success with over 2000 fans gathering outside to welcome the two superstars.

KSI also brought some of the famous Arsenal banter to the venue. He led the chant, “What do we think of Tottenham?” The crowd responded with the chant, “St!” KSI continued with, “What do we think of st?” And the crowd replied, “Tottenham!”

The rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham is well-known among football fans. The Gunners and the Spurs have been fierce rivals for decades, with both teams based in North London. The rivalry has always been intense, with both sets of fans constantly taunting each other.

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The banter between Arsenal and Tottenham fans is a part of the football culture, and KSI’s chant only adds to the excitement. The Arsenal fans present at the event were delighted to see KSI bring the chant to Sydney, and they joined in with great enthusiasm.

Arsenal fans are currently in a great mood, as their team is sitting at the top of the Premier League table.

They have a five-point lead over their closest rival, Manchester City. On the other hand, Tottenham has been struggling in recent weeks, and they have dropped out of the Champions League spots.

The launch of PRIME in Australia has been a significant step for KSI and Logan Paul’s business venture. The energy drink market is highly competitive, and it takes a lot of effort and resources to make a name in this industry. However, with Arsenal’s support and KSI’s massive fan following, PRIME has a great chance of success.

KSI’s chant at the PRIME launch event in Sydney has added to the intense rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham.

It was a moment of great entertainment for the Arsenal fans present at the event, and it only goes to show the passion that football brings. As for PRIME, the launch in Australia is a significant milestone, and the energy drink company will undoubtedly have the full support of Arsenal fans.

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