All the important questions for Newcastle United fans – Answers from NUFC exile and his 11 year old son

The Qatar World Cup break interrupting this Newcastle United season.

An ideal time to get a snapshot of views from NUFC fans on how they think things are going.

So we sent out various questions to a number of regular / irregular contributors to The Mag.

Next up we have Greg McPeake and his eleven year old son Chuks McPeake:

(Greg) We live in London and have only managed to get to six games this season, two home and four away (though I have seen a few on TV). Seeing live football is completely different to football on TV so my comments are based on the games I have been to.

Goal of the season (top choice and then second and third)?

(Greg) The best goal so far has been Almiron’s at Fulham with the Bruno pass. In my opinion that opening goal by Schar against Notts Forest was breath-taking and important to get us up and running. My third favourite goal would be the last one I saw live, at Southampton, Bruno banging in the fourth that cemented our dominance and position in the league.

(Chuks) All of Almiron’s goals but the one at Fulham…bang!

A must win game and the whole squad fit and available, which 11 would you select?

(Chuks) The game against Spurs, that eleven would do the best job for me – Pope, Trippier, Schar, Botman, Burn, Longstaff, Bruno, Willock, Joelinton, Almiron, Wilson.

Eddie Howe signings (Botman, Bruno, Burn, Isak, Pope, Targett, Trippier, Wood) best to least best and explain why?

(Greg) The players brought in so far have all been astute with Trippier and Bruno standing out, but judgement on individual players can only be made over an extended period of time. Even buying Wood was astute as we took him direct from our relegation rivals Burnley (my mate Jon from Burnley was not a happy man at the time).

(Chuks) Bruno first, Trippier second, Isak third, Botman fourth, Pope , Burn, then Targett, finally Wood.

Which match have you enjoyed the most this season?

(Greg) I was at the Spurs game and what a performance! Easily the most enjoyable game of all that I have been to this season. The feeling after the game knowing we had bossed a Spurs team on their own pitch and took all three points convincingly was something else.

(Chuks) The Brentford game at St James’ Park.

If you could guarantee three NUFC players to go through rest of season available for every match, who would they be and in what order?

(Greg) Sitting in third place in the Premier League it has been a most enjoyable week, working with young people here in London who support Man U, Arsenal or Chelsea, I have been able to drink from my NUFC mug with great pride in front of them. If we are above those three at the end of the season, which I don’t believe will happen, but believe we have a good chance, then we need to have Trippier, Bruno and Wilson firing on all cylinders every game till the end of the season

(Chuks) Bruno, Isak and Pope, in that order.

World Cup break – Has it come at a bad time (breaks momentum potentially etc) or a good time (players needed break, injuries clear up etc etc)?

(Greg) I’m not sure, but what I do know, is that Eddie will be doing everything possible to get us back up and running in double quick time. This is something I would never be saying about the previous manager who was an embarrassment to the club. If the club had kept Bruce post takeover, I dread to think of what might have happened to us. Fortunately, I no longer need to think about that scenario. And for this I am so thankful to the new owners, who are doing a fantastic job.

(Chuks) Terrible time for the break to happen IMO.

Has the ‘big six’ already become a ‘big seven’?

(Greg) If Newcastle do maintain their spot for Champions League qualification, then Todd Boehly’s comment that there is now a “Big Seven” will be true. A lot is riding on how we perform after the world cup break.

(Chuks) NO. We need to win a trophy or be in the Champions League.

Your choice – England win World Cup or Newcastle win League Cup?

(Greg) As we sit now third in the table for the next six weeks or so I just wish this world cup wasn’t happening. As I said at the start of this article, I have only made it to six games so far this season but I can’t wait for the world cup to be over so we can get back to the real business of trying to win some silverware for Newcastle United. The League cup is simply the starter. Tickets for Arsenal and Palace in the pipeline and the FA Cup third round coming up. Bring on the New Year with more of the same for us.

(Chuks) Either would do for me.

Callum WilsonOn a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you in this Qatar World Cup?

(Greg) This is a nonsensical world cup and I have about a two out of ten interest in it.

(Chuks) 8 but what a rubbish host country.

Three words to describe Newcastle United now?

(Greg) On the up.

(Chuks) Better than Sunderland

In the next five years, who are going to be the most dominant four clubs in the Premier League?

(Greg) In the next five years the only teams I see who we will have to worry about are Man City (enough said), Liverpool (with new money), then one other from – take your pick Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Man U.

(Chuks) Spurs, Man City, Liverpool and us.

Best (realistic) signing Newcastle United could make in January?

(Greg) We have the January transfer window coming up and there is lots of speculation in the media over what we will do. I trust Eddie and the team behind him. The owners appear to be shrewd business people so whoever they bring in, if any, I’m sure the homework will have been done on them.

(Chuks) I would want Neymar to team up with Bruno and big Joe.

Bruno Guimaraes NeymarWhat are your thoughts on the job the Newcastle United owners have done since the takeover in October 2021?

(Chuks) Amazing, could not do much better.

Newcastle United third in the table, how are you feeling?

(Chuks) Hopeful.

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