Alan Shearer continues close bond with Newcastle United star – Regular contact

No secret that Alan Shearer is a lifelong Newcastle United fan.

Nor the fact that he has been the best striker that Newcastle United, the Premier League and England have seen, these past 30 years.

Also no secret that Alan Shearer will do anything he can to help the club he supports and played for.

Back in August 2020, as Callum Wilson deliberated on whether to sign for Newcastle or Aston Villa, Alan Shearer was very public in urging the then Bournemouth striker to choose Tyneside and he (Shearer) offered to do anything to help make the move happen.

Callum Wilson later revealing he’d spoken to Alan Shearer on the phone before choosing Newcastle United.

Now in a new interview, Callum Wilson reveals that contact with Alan Shearer is an ongoing thing, as the England legend checks in with the current Newcastle United number nine.

Obviously it has been on his own merits that Wilson’s form has won him his place in this England World Cup squad, however, having somebody such as Alan Shearer taking a personal interest and giving you every encouragement, can’t do any harm.

Callum Wilson speaking to BBC Sport:

BBC presenter:

“Has a former, rather famous, Newcastle United striker been in touch since the (England squad for the World Cup announcement?”

Callum Wilson:

“Yeah, yeah he was.

“He got in touch as well when I didn’t play the (Palace) cup game because I had Covid and he got in touch, just making sure I was ok.

“But yeah, Alan (Shearer)…he’s just a big fan of Newcastle United, a big fan of myself.

“So yeah, delighted, obviously, for the message.

“I’ve not got round to messaging everyone back…”

BBC presenter:

“Have you replied to him (Alan Shearer)?”

Callum Wilson:


“Not yet Al, I’ll be messaging you soon!”

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22 November, 10:00: Argentina v Saudi Arabia – ITV

22 November, 13:00: Denmark v Tunisia – ITV

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Tuesday 22 November, 19:00: France v Australia – BBC (Garang Kuol)

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25 November, 13:00: Qatar v Senegal – BBC

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Friday 25 November, 19:00: England v USA – ITV (Nick Pope, Kieran Trippier, Callum Wilson)

Saturday 26 November, 10:00: Tunisia v Australia – BBC (Garang Kuol)

26 November, 13:00: Poland v Saudi Arabia – ITV

26 November, 16:00: France v Denmark – ITV

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27 November, 16:00: Croatia v Canada – BBC

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Monday 28 November, 16:00: Brazil v Switzerland – ITV (Bruno Guimaraes, Fabian Schar)

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Tuesday 29 November, 19:00: England v Wales – BBC (Nick Pope, Kieran Trippier, Callum Wilson)

30 November, 15:00: Tunisia v France – BBC

Wednesday 30 November, 15:00: Australia v Denmark – BBC (Garang Kuol)

30 November, 19:00: Poland v Argentina – BBC

30 November, 19:00: Saudi Arabia v Mexico – BBC

1 December, 16:00: Canada v Morocco – BBC

1 December, 16:00: Croatia v Belgium – BBC

1 December, 19:00: Japan v Spain – ITV

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Friday 2 December, 19:00: Serbia v Switzerland – ITV (Fabian Schar)

Friday 2 December, 19:00: Cameroon v Brazil – ITV (Bruno Guimaraes)

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