Adidas World Cup boots: Buy the Al Rihla football pack

The Fifa World Cup 2022 kicks off in just over a week now, and, in celebration of the sporting tournament, Adidas has unveiled a new line of football boots that are sure to get you looking World Cup-ready at your next training session.

Called the Al Rihla World Cup pack, the new kicks are inspired by Adidas’s official kaleidoscopic match ball, and are essentially redesigns of the predator edge, x speedportal and copa sense.

In Arabic, Al Rihla means ‘the journey’, with Adidas saying the pack represents the hard work and commitment each national team has gone through in the qualifications to win a spot in this year’s Fifa World Cup.  

According to Adidas, the design of the boots is a homage to Qatar’s architecture, country flag and the boats Qatar is famous for.

As well as the Al Rihla pack, Adidas has also re-released Zinedine Zidane’s famous gold predator boots from the 2006 World Cup final (£250, Thankfully, the Al Rihla cleats are slightly cheaper. Here’s everything you need to know and where you can buy the boots ahead of the World Cup.   

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Adidas predator edge Al Rihla football boots: £180,


Adidas’s predator edge firm ground boots. feature a zone skin edge said to help with swerve and control. It includes ribbed sections and a weighted section on the front for more-refined boot-to-ball contact. There’s also an adaptive single primeknit collar for even better control.

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Adidas x speedportal Al Rihla football boots: £200,


The Adidas x speedportal are boots made for, you guessed it, speed and agility. They feature a flexible, full-length Carbitex carbon plate on the firm ground outsole and part of the upper shoe is made from Speedskin. There’s an adaptive primeknit collar and lightweight carbon heel, said to help with speedy sprints.

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Adidas copa sense Al Rihla football boots: £70,


The copa sense helps you feel the ball with your foot, getting you closer to the ball. They are firm ground boots, remaining comfortable while still hugging your foot. There’s a stretchy tongue on the upper part and there’s soft leather on the front, ensuring the ball stays under your control. It also features moulded studs on the TPU outsole for dry grass.

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